Ken Domik Rides Around Chicago


Ken Domik, the travel Vlogger recently shot some footage of his stay in Chicago.

It’s a great little vlog that shows the diversity that is Chicago.

You start in our historic China town and then watch him walk around town.

His monologuist style isn’t going to be for everyone, but around the 7 minute mark he gets his bike out (which, as you know, is our favorite way to get around Chicago)

However, you need to stay on the bike lanes, as he finds out. Repeatedly. Chicago is crowded enough that you need to be aware of where bikes are and aren’t allowed.

My favorite point is around 16:00 where he rides under the EL. Those who haven’t experienced it, well, you are missing out.

A fun video. We live near these icons, but it is always fun to watch visitors interact with them.

What are your favorite parts of his video?